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New Design, New Fabric, Various Fit!!

You can¬†create whatever pattern you want if you master the fundamentals.ūüėČ

If you don’t walk, you can’t run. Simple! When it comes to learning pattern-making, it's not just about memorizing formulas and calculations. Formulas and calculations never bring you where you want. You need to approach it in the right way and embrace the fundamental concepts that form the backbone of this art. A lot of people overlook these essential steps when they first embark on their pattern-making journey.

What if you could revise or adjust existing patterns without worry or any doubt?

What if you could draft any patterns from scratch with absolute confidence?

While formulas and calculations certainly have their place, it's crucial to move beyond them. I am committed to delving into the relationship between patterns, measurements, fabrics, and the human body. By unlocking these vital concepts, you will possess the solid foundation necessary to create garments that truly reflect your vision. Don't let a lack of understanding limit your creativity.
I invite you to join me in [Mastering Pattern Blocks] and embark on a pattern-making journey that cultivates adaptability. This course is designed to empower you with a profound understanding to fast-track your career progression. Strong fundamentals are the key to success. Throughout the course, you will gain comprehensive knowledge of each pattern block, equipping you to confidently tackle any design challenge that crosses your path. Remember, the path to mastering pattern-making begins with a deep understanding of pattern block making.
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So Here's The Course That I Created For You...

[Mastering Pattern Blocks] is a confidence builder. You will have much more ease on your drafting once you complete this course.

Who is this for?

Before I tell you all about this amazing program, let's talk about who this is really for.
If you're serious about pattern making whether you are...
  • A junior pattern maker who is eager to improve your pattern-making skill set¬†to advance to a senior level.
  • A fashion school student who wants to¬†bulid the foundation of pattern-making for your future career.
  • A freelance designer or a fit technician who wants to create a greater fit in order to grow the clients' satisfaction.

Important Reminders...

This is not magic. Building a strong foundation is not happening overnight. If you don't do the work, it won't work. That's not how life works. 
Also, not everyone's experience is going to be the same. Some people will get there sooner than others. It all depends on your previous experience and how much time and effort you put into the work with this course.
But No matter where you're right now, this program truly works. You get confidence and clarity if you follow the steps and do the work.
P.S. If your goal is not "Understanding" pattern block making, but just "Having" pattern blocks, this program is NOT for you.

Here's What My Students Are Saying

This course is not about just pattern blocking making. This course really showed me what really pattern making is. I have a step-by-step outline to follow, and it's easy to understand at every step in the process. 
Alex I.
Jin's classes are literally a confidence builder. She answered all my questions. I successfully finished my pants collection. Now I’m way more comfortable drafting patterns. Thank you so much!
Julia R.

By end of this program,

you will have. . .
  • New and enlightening insight on how patterns actually work to the body.
  • Fundamental knowledge and strong foundation of pattern-making skillset.
  • Confidence in the drafting any type of patterns in your mind.
  • Ease and fun to draft any designs of made to measure patterns.
  • A greater understanding of how to adjust patterns with any fitting issues.
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Inside Mastering Pattern Blocks...

You start with 'Course Guide'. And you have modules of skirt, pant, bodice (for women & men), and sleeve. Under each module, you will see several lessons. All lessons have video tutorials with PDF instructions. The skirt, pant, bodice, and sleeve are individual. So you can start with any of them.

What's included

Video Lessons

PDF Instructions


Invest 100% Risk Free

I've packed a lot into [Masterin Pattern Blocks], and to make it a no-brainer deal for you I’m giving you a 60 day money-back guarantee with your purchase.
That’s right: If you watch all the videos plus dive into the incredible bonuses and find ZERO value from it, I’ll give you back every penny. No questions asked! 

You have a Life time Access

Once you sign up, you will have a life-time access to this course with all my future updates. I know you're busy. You can take the lessons at your own pace. And you can come back any time to refresh.
You're a dreamer with no shortage of ambition who’s passionate about fashion. If you're the one who loves what you create in the world and want to turn it into reality, you're in the right place and I'm going to tell you exactly how this program will give you the tools, inspiration, and unparalleled support on your journey in the fashion industry.




Include all the bonuses above.
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Frequently Asked Questions

About Instructor

Hey there, I'm Jin. I've been into pattern making and sewing since I was a teenager. For more than 20 years, I've worked as a pattern maker and trained lots of junior pattern makers.

Here's the thing: many of these beginners lack the basic skills they need. But these skills are super important if you want to become a top-notch senior pattern maker without having to compete too hard.

So, I created this course "Mastering Pattern Blocks." It's all about giving you a strong foundation that'll get you to the senior pattern maker level faster.

I'm all about helping you succeed as a pattern maker. If you join me, I'll be there to guide you in mastering the basics, so you can become a senior pattern maker sooner. Let's do this together and open up some exciting opportunities in pattern-making!

You will grow from feeling overwhelmed and confused to being confident in your ability to create any patterns you want. This experience will make the next steps in your pattern-making journey filled with ease and fun.


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