Simplest Way of T-shirt Pattern Making

T-shirt pattern making is pretty easy for beginner pattern makers to try. I show you how to make simple t-shirt patterns with 2 videos. 

In the first video, I'll guide you through the process of drafting front and back body patterns for a basic t-shirt, using stretch knit fabric. We'll be creating a slim-fit design without any darts, buttons, or zippers. You'll learn how to determine the ideal armhole depth based on your chest circumference. Additionally, I'll demonstrate the technique of "walking the patterns" to ensure that the hemline and armhole lines align perfectly after stitching.

E66: T-short Body:

Moving on to the second video, we'll focus on crafting the short sleeve pattern and neckband. It's quite common to come across patterns where the front and back are identical, with only the necklines differing. However, I prefer to deviate from that approach. By creating unique front and back patterns, we can achieve a more comfortable fit that conforms better to the body. This includes distinct sleeve cap shapes for both the front and back patterns.

E67: T-Shirt Sleeve & Neck Rib:

Pattern Making Instruction!

Step by step written instruction that show you how to draft back body, front body, sleeve, skirt, and neck facing patterns.

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