Shoulder Overlap & Collar Standing

Peter Pan Collar

This is the biggest difference between the convertible collar and sailor collar (or Peter Pan collar). Collar standing at the center back.

When you draft a Peter Pan collar or sailor collar, you use front and back body patterns to use necklines. You place both HSP (High Shoulder Point) at the same point and overlap the shoulder points.

It can be ½” (1.2cm), 1” (2.5cm), or even 2” (5cm). Of course, you don’t have to do overlap. You can match two shoulder lines on one line, and draw a collar if you want.

Do you know what the differences are depending on the overlap amount? Collar standing!

The bigger the overlap amount, the higher the collar stand will be.

However, it’s not going to stand like a convertible collar. 

Let’s say you overlap 2” at the shoulder, so you have a pretty high collar stand. Then you have to draw the back collar width wider than the front. Otherwise, the back collar looks smaller than the front because of the stand. 


Click here to watch this video Episode 15: Peter Pan Collar Pattern Drafting




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