Short Pants Pattern Making

Looking for making pant patterns that fit like a dream? Don't worry, I've got you covered! I've put together an awesome three-part video series just for you, where I break down the process of creating shorts patterns from scratch.

We'll kick things off by drawing the base frame and then move on to shaping the front body and the back body on top of it. The coolest part is that I'll show you how to draft customized pant patterns using your own measurements. 

Once you've mastered this super easy method for making shorts patterns, you can totally use it to whip up pant patterns too—just add some extra length. Whether for man or woman, this technique works like magic for both.

Get ready to rock the world of pant pattern-making with my video series, and say goodbye to ill-fitting pants forever!

E62: Shorts Front:

E63: Shorts Back:

E64: Waistband & Facing:

Pattern Making Instruction!

Step by step written instruction that show you how to draft back body, front body, sleeve, skirt, and neck facing patterns.

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