Lining patterns are NOT the same as self patterns.

When creating garments with lining, it's common for the self-patterns and lining patterns to differ. The objective is to ensure that the lining remains hidden from the outside, while serving its own purpose.

A lining plays a crucial role in reducing strain on clothing, thus extending the lifespan of the garment. It also facilitates easy slip-on of coats or jackets over other clothing and provides added warmth during cold weather. The primary functions of a lining include enhancing wearer comfort, maintaining the garment's shape, adding body to the fabric, and concealing construction details and raw fabric edges. This results in a polished appearance on the inside of the garment, contributing to its overall quality.

I would like to share two informative videos on lining. One focuses on waistcoat lining pattern making, while the other demonstrates sleeve lining pattern making. By watching these videos, you can acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to create lining patterns accurately.

E59: Waistcoat Lining:

E60: Sleeve Lining:

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