How to make "Pocket Welt" patterns

Pocket Welt

Pocket welts are everywhere. Chest welt on a blazer. Whenever you have flap pockets on a jacket, you can see the welt. Welt pockets on the pant back are also very common. There are single welt and double welt. A single welt has one lip. Normally bigger than 1/2" in height. Double welt though, you make 2 lips with 1/4" width. More or less.

If the pocket is functional, you need 2 pieces of pocket bags. If the pocket is nonfunctional, then you need only 1 piece of facing.

In this video, I show you have to make a chest pocket welt on a blazer. But you can apply this to pants or vests wherever you want to have a single welt. Enjoy 😇

Click here to watch the video!

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