2-Piece Sleeve Pattern Drafting

When you drop your arms naturally, your arms are not straight. They are bent a little toward the front. To make the sleeves the same shape as your arms, you can draft 2-piece sleeve patterns instead of 1-piece sleeve patterns.

You can make an L-shape with 1-piece sleeve patterns but it's easier to do that with 2-piece sleeves. 2-piece sleeve has 2 seams. In-seam and out-seam. This extra seam allows you to make a more refined shape. Most of the formal suit blazers have 2-piece sleeves.

There are several ways of drafting 2-piece sleeve patterns. I introduce you to two different ways of 2-piece sleeve pattern making.

Click here to watch a 2-piece sleeve pattern making 1

Click here to watch a 2-piece sleeve pattern making 2

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